Our aim is to hunt out all the awesome experiences that are accessible so you can get excited and plan your next adventure with confidence and ease!


Businesses that wear the GOOD ACCESS badge, are APPROVED by The Good Scout team and/or our ambassadors as meeting a certain level of access.

At The Good Scout, we are all about meaningful travel experiences, travelling together with family and friends. We’re big on every-body being able to participate in unforgettable adventures, and most of all, making awesome memories.

Our main priority and our promise to you is that *every effort has been made to provide enough detailed information so you can choose whether a service or venue suits your individual needs. We’ll include images and floor plans where necessary, plus ‘good to know’ tips and tricks. Also, keep in mind this is a work in progress. As much as we’d love to get everywhere ourselves, it’s just not possible so we are relying on you, our community, to contribute your experiences to help build on the details!

*Every effort. At a minimum, we speak direct to every APPROVED business and we encourage everyone to complete our GOOD ACCESS CHECKLIST. In lot’s of cases we, or someone within our community has experienced the facility or service first hand.


The GOOD ACCESS badge displayed on an EXPERIENCE listing on the TGS site, indicates the following:

Accessible parking and bathrooms

If either of these facilities are not available onsite, this will be noted and we will endeavour to provide details of alternate facilities. [For some of you we understand these facilities are deal breakers, but for others we know you won’t want to cross it off the list, you might just find it useful to know you’ll need a toilet stop before you arrive!]

A venue will have a step free entry point

We should mention that the step free entry point may not be the front door! But, we think it’s not quite as important as to ‘how you get in’, it’s just important that you can! [don’t worry, we’ll give you detailed directions if the only way in, is down a back alley!]

An experience, attraction or tour has one or more accessible participation options

Given the nature of some of the stuff you might be keen to do on holidays, you can never assume the level of accessibility.. take beaches, boats, lookouts, walking trails, heritage buildings, restaurants, markets etc etc but if it’s listed here, it means there IS something meaningful that every-body can get involved in, even if the whole activity is not quite accessible. You might not get all the options, but you certainly won’t have to stay in the car!


The GOOD ACCESS badge displayed on an ACCOMMODATION listing on the TGS site, indicates the following:

The venue has at least one accessible room with a usable bathroom

With so much variations around how an accessible bathrooms should be laid out.. we’re all well aware of how ‘accessible’ bathrooms can vary enormously in their facilities [oh, the shower just has a small step.. Sigh!]. However, a usable bathroom at TGS means

a) there is a roll in shower [we’ll let you know if there’s more than a lip to deal with] and

b) space to get in and out [not like a minimum square meterage, but a realistic amount of space].

We know variations in bathrooms are just one of those things that might suit some and not others, so we aim to provide enough detailed information so you can choose whether it will work for you. We are aiming for all accommodation venues to only be awarded the Good Access badge if it meets our approval, AND a suitable bathroom photo is supplied [not one just of the floral display, but an actual bathroom shot].

All the other basic bits and pieces like parking and entry will be included in the detail. and of course if you can’t access the breakfast buffet or the bar, we’ll be sure to let you know!

We will highlight where there are facilities that assist travellers with higher support needs. TGS benchmark is set at the ability of a manual wheelchair user who cannot take any steps.

If you require further information that we haven’t covered, let us know… we’ll follow up for you so we can build on each listing over time with the aim of catering for a wide range of access needs.

You can help too!  Whether you are exploring interstate or discovering new experiences in your home area, share your images and videos of accessible attractions and accommodation venues, including key facilities, activities, and surrounding landscape, so that more people can enjoy them. You can make a difference.



Listings that do NOT display the GOOD ACCESS badge are live on our site because A) the tourism operator themselves indicates that they provide accessible services and/or facilities BUT we have not yet run them through the approval process OR B) a business may be listed because we think they are awesome, they aren’t what we call accessible, but we know some of you crazy cats will want to know about it anyway OR in some cases someone within our community has been there and has told us how good their experience was, but we just don’t have some of the finer details yet to turn the badge on.

General tourism data is provided by the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). ATDW is a national platform for digital tourism information in Australia. As of the 31st May 2018, it is now a mandatory requirement for registered businesses to report on the accessibility of their products and services.

Businesses may be listed on our site if they indicate their tourism operation:

  • Actively welcomes people with access needs…  OR
  • Disabled access available, contact operator for details.

If you find a listing that you are really keen to get to but are not confident in the information provided, let us know and we can speed up the verification process.

The Good Scout takes no responsibility for the accuracy of an un-badged listing.