We believe everyone should have the chance to enjoy travelling and for people with specific access needs, just like us, accessible bathroom photos go along way to making that possible. So…

Here are some tips to get a GOOD bathroom photo;

  • use a wide-angle lens so you can capture the floor, shower and toilet in one frame
  • show off the space and size of the area
  • if you don’t have access to a wide-angle, try getting the image from different angles to show the different areas
  • keep your vertical lines (the walls) straight
  • photographing from the doorway is often the best place.

When booking a shoot, ensure your Photographer knows these requirements. If not, they will photograph the bathroom in the most flattering way and perhaps not consider this.

Thanks to Heidi Who for the tips, Heidi can help showcase your accommodation in it’s best form.

* Photos uploaded will be used at the discretion of The Good Scout. Where necessary we will request more photos.

This is currently a South Australian accommodation only initiative, if you are travelling further afield, keep those photos safe as we’ll be calling for them soon!
For everything else, check out
  • Which category best describes the business
  • Attach high quality clear photo of the accessible bathroom. Include the business name in the file name.