Scott on the beach with kids

Seriously, this has been the best summer we have had in years….we have spent a serious amount of time hitting the beach!

For two reasons that I can see, one, the beach just wasn’t an activity that was accessible and therefore we’d stopped thinking about going altogether. But thanks to the good work by Accessible Beaches, it is now at the forefront of our minds. And we are absolutely loving it!!

Plus our children are now four and six years old, meaning we don’t have to carry them around, they can carry some of the beach gear, although I am starting to think a Cart-a-lot is a good idea, and they can lend a hand if Scott needs a push at any stage, or grab his wheelchair for him after he’s taken a dip.

We even discovered a great beach spot that is readily accessible to us, with a double concrete ramp straight onto hard sand, meaning Scott can just get in his ‘beach chair’ (an old wheelchair with mountain bike tires) and we can hit the beach whenever we feel like it. Have you discovered any good spots this Summer?

The other thing about getting to the beach is that a large number of Surf Life Saving Clubs are accessible.  So if you don’t want to get onto the sand, you can usually get a meal, and maybe even some live music on a weekend, this makes for a good afternoon if you ask me!

Safe to say we have devoured a lot of hot chips and ice-creams, and now we are feeling fresh as a daisy and ready to tackle 2019.

I hope you had great summer too!

Happy days.