I absolutely love camping.. a few weeks ago we headed off with a group of friends up to the beautiful Riverland!

Yes, you read that right …camping, well border line glamping if you want to be more precise. A Canvas Camp Bell Tent is our chosen accommodation, because after a few years of trialling different forms of camper trailers and tents, we have worked out what is best for us. Our tent always draws comments from other campers and the best part is, we can put it up in about 15 minutes. We have the 5m version and it has ample space for us, two single stretcher beds and a blow up queen airbed. With still heaps of room to get around and store all our bags etc.

The best feature of the bell tent is the level entrance, unlike traditional tents where there is a lip to step over, these tents allow you to unzip the entrance until it lays flat on the ground.

On the down side it is a pretty heavy piece of equipment, it would be worth storing it in a big cricket bag on wheels, so we don’t have to lift it. Otherwise if you ever look at this as an option, make sure you can roll it straight out of your car or trailer onto the camp spot!

With glamping on the brain and on the rise in popularity around Australia, I thought I would share a couple of glamping tips. The best things about the glamping companies, is that they do all the hard work of camping for you. Expect to arrive to a gorgeously set camp site, complete with a fully made bed and sometimes stocked with local produce. Plus they normally find the most idyllic spot for the campsite, so everything is ready, you just need to roll in an enjoy.

The things to really consider are whether you can transfer on and off the bed, and whether you are happy to wander varying distances to access a bathroom.

Tips for beginners, not all glamping sites are accessible, beware of tents set up on platforms and ask about the bedding, you probably don’t want to find yourself having to get in and out of a bed on the floor!

twilight glamping

We spoke to Twilight Glamping, who are based around the Great Ocean Road, Bellarine and greater Victoria region who have some great features that make camping more accessible. Including the use of pallets to set their memory foam mattresses up off the ground and their knowledge of the campsites they recommend to ensure you can pick one that suits your needs.

If you are game, there a few companies where you can hire all the equipment you need and you just head off and set up your own site.

But, if glamping is not for you, there are some awesome Caravan Parks around the country who provide exceptional accessible facilities. Take Renmark Big4 for example, awarded ‘Excellence in Accessible Tourism’ at South Australia’s 2018 Tourism Awards, it really is a fabulous park.

One last idea to get you out and about camping.. you could just pick yourself up an accessible caravan and head wherever the road takes you! If you’re serious about heading down this path, make sure you check out Evolution Caravans, custom built, your van-your way!


Evolution caravans

Adrian & Beverley with their customised Evolution Caravan

Do you know of any other accessible glamping/camping/caravan companies? Let us know, we ‘d love to share them with our community.

Happy travels, 


Photo Credit: Twilight Glamping