In 2008 Robbie had a head on collision with a car riding his motor bike. This resulted in breaking most of his body including his back leaving him a paraplegic. He spent just under a year in hospital undergoing rehab. The next few years he focussed on all the things that he couldn’t do, not so much on the things that he could, and then two years ago he got introduced to triathlon.

“I completed my first Ironman in June last year and now I’ve decided to scale that side of it back and see how I go in sprint distance stuff and hone-in on my swimming.”

Tell us about a great Australian Adventure? I travelled to cairns in June to complete one of my goals in life which was to become an iron man which I did, after that my partner and I got to enjoy some time in Port Douglas. Not everywhere was accessible but a very relaxing place to stay.

What do you love about travelling? What I love about travelling most is the stories that I get to bring back home.

Do you have any tips for other wheelchair travellers? Make sure you research where you are going because although it may be advertised as accessible it may not be suitable for your specific needs.

How do you plan your trips away? I’m lucky enough to have my beautiful fiancé that organises these things with the combination of research and travel agents.

Where is your favourite place to take people in your home town?I’m lucky enough to live on the Mornington peninsula and having the beach on our front doorstep. Mount Martha beach has wheelchair access to the waters edge so this would be my favourite place to take visitors as I can enjoy the water with them and share a coffee or two at the local cafe.

Tell us a bit more about your involvement with the Melbourne Cable Park? The Melbourne Cable Park (a cable wakeboarding lake) is working in conjunction with myself and many other wheelchair users to ensure that everyone is able to attend with their family and friends and enjoy the same experiences. There are not many places that you can go and participate in the same activities that everyone else is able to. All of the staff are really enthusiastic and go above and beyond to ensure that the whole process from being set up with a board to your first time on the water goes as smoothly as possible.

What’s the next big race on your sporting calendar? At this stage I am training to progress in sprint distance para triathlons.

Where to next.. what’s on your Australian bucket list? This time next year we are going to road trip up the south east coast for our honeymoon. I have always wanted to see Byron Bay.