Do you know what accessibility is? Do you cater to the accessible tourism market?

Access is about the experience not just ramps and toilets.

According to My Travel Research, “Australia’s accessible tourism sector is worth about $10 billion. This is on par with the value of the inbound Chinese tourism market. And around 20% of people with a disability say they would go on holiday even more, if they were aware of travel products that met their needs.”

The good news is, there are some really simple, cost effective things you can do to make a big impact in this space.

The OPERATOR ACCESS TOOLBOX is Fun. Simple. Practical.

It steps you through the key principles of accessible tourism,  with loads of GOOD stuff… such as:

  • Downloadable weekly workbooks
  • Tips and advice from experts
  • Hands on activities


Why it’s GOOD for you?

We know the world of accessible tourism can be a daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

We are here to support you:

  • Gain a better understanding of accessibility and how to cater to this market
  • Take a look at your business from a different perspective
  • Improve your communication around what your business offers
  • Access our direct marketing channel to the accessible community
  • Welcome more people through your doors

What we’ll cover:

Section 1: Take a good look around 
  • Stocktake your physical environment

Section 2: Be good to all your guests

  • Customer service for a diverse community

Section 3: If you’ve got the goods… flaunt it

  • Good information is the key and it’s free

Section 4: Good times & good vibes

  • Promoting your product

Good Access. Great Adventures

  • A wrap up! Includes references, further reading and where to from here

What’s involved?

Member Login

Once you sign up you will receive a unique login to the member portal.  You will have access to the Toolbox as long as you have an active membership. By purchasing the Toolbox you are entitled to a 12 month membership with a Feature Listing on The Good Scout to promote your business.

Email + Video + Workbooks + Activities
This is our first ever intake of participants and we want to make sure we’re there for you. Once you purchase the Toolbox you will have unlimited access to the content so you can work at your own pace. We will walk you through each section over a 4 week period, introducing each weeks content and outcomes, as well as being on hand to make sure you’re following along.

What are the videos about?
The introductory video runs through what’s involved with each section. We share why it’s important, some of our own experiences and what the outcome should be. The videos are aimed at connecting you to us… we want you to know that we really are here to support you.

What will the workbooks contain?

Each section has it’s own workbook. A downloadable PDF document with loads of great content, information, industry insights, expert contributions, details of the suggested activities and space for you to record your thoughts.

What’s involved with the ‘activities’?

Don’t freak out, this is not compulsory but we do strongly suggest you participate to get the most out of the Toolbox. We set some simple tasks for you to complete, aimed at giving you a really broad understanding of each section and will be a real benefit to your understanding, and your business in the long run.

Private Facebook Group

We’ve set up a private Facebook Group for INDUSTRY only. This is a place to share with you what’s happening in this space. It might be things like; what other operators are doing really well, the latest industry news, international highlights, statistics and the latest research, even feedback from our travellers. It is also a place where you can ask us questions, ask the group questions, collaborate, learn, listen and connect. We will have experts contribute from time to time, and you’ll be the first to hear about offers and events.

+ 12 month Feature Listing on The Good Scout

+ 1 x 15 minute phone consult

Once you sign up, you have access to the content for as long as you have an active membership. 

This sounds awesome.. I’M IN

On SUCCESSFUL completion of the Toolbox you can expect to have:

  • A solid knowledge of what accessible tourism is and why access means different things to different people
  • A really good understanding of your facilities and how people with specific needs might participate in your business
  • An insight into the size of the market and the potential for your business
  • A detailed Visitor Access Guide to present on your website
  • Identified and captured images of key facilities
  • A 12 month Feature Listing
  • Some of the simple and cost effective ways you can go about improving accessibility
  • Connected with other businesses to share knowledge and ideas with the intention of collaboration
  • Stand out to our community with a GOOD OPERATOR badge *conditions apply

What is the GOOD OPERATOR badge?

There are currently 1,600 South Australian Businesses who have Basic Listings on our site. To stand out to our community, and add to your Feature Listing there are two badges you can earn;

A 3D Virtual Tour badge, and The Good Operator badge. The Good Operator badge is awarded to those businesses who successfully complete all sections of the Toolbox AND agree to our Good Operator Oath!

Keen to get involved and take the pledge?

What’s your investment?

$249 +gst. This includes a 12 month Feature Listing valued at $99.

Time wise, we suggest allocating a few hours each week over the course.

I can’t wait to get started… SIGN ME UP