Virgin Australia aim to make your flight as enjoyable as can be, and they need to know about your specific assistance needs in advance.

Guests whose specific assistance needs requirements are listed below and who are not flying within the next 24 hours can now book direct via the Virgin Australia website.

If booking mobility assistance online please ensure you complete the Specific Assistance section on the passenger page.

If you are travelling within the next 24 hours, you must make your booking via the Guest Contact Centre where your booking will be made at no additional cost and will enable Virgin to best accommodate your requirements. Should you fail to advise in advance, your request for mobility assistance may not be assured.

It is important to provide us with as much information as possible at the time of booking. Key information includes:

  • Whether you are travelling alone or with a Safety Assistant or Carer. To travel independently you must meet the Independent Travel Criteria.
  • Whether you are able to self transfer in and out of a wheelchair and/or an aircraft seat. Due to Occupational Health and Safety regulations, Guests who weigh more than 130kg*, and require to be transferred into or out of a wheelchair and/or an aircraft must arrange a Safety Assistant or Carer to assist with the lift.
  • Whether any medical assistance will be required.
  • The type of mobility aid you are travelling with (electric or non-electric).
  • If the mobility aid is electric, what type of battery is used (non-spillable (Gel type or Sealed Lead Acid) or Lithium-ion battery).
  • Whether the mobility aid is collapsible.
  • The dimensions (height, width and length) in adjusted or disassembled state and weight of mobility aid.

Independent Travel Criteria

A guest may travel unaccompanied if they:

  • Are able to understand and respond to briefings about emergency procedures; and
  • Do not require personal assistance beyond that described below.

Discount Fares when travelling with a Carer

If you are seeking the discount will need to contact Virgin Australia’s Guest Contact Centre.  Virgin Australia will use the Independent Travel Criteria to assess if a guest is required to travel with an assistant.

More information about travelling with Virgin Australia when you have specific needs.

Good Information

Every airline and airport has different rules in relation to the accessible assistance they provide.

Medical Travel Companions

Medical Travel Companions offers transportation and concierge services which creates independence for customers who love to travel but require assistance or reassurance. This could be a simple trip to the airport, hospital, shops or a complex three-week international holiday. All companions are qualified Carers, Nurses or Paramedics.

Enquire with Medical Travel Companions.


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