Head of Bight Whale Watching Centre


Located near the Nullarbor Plain on the Far West Coast of South Australia, HEAD OF BIGHT Whale watching Centre is indeed one of the most spectacular whale watching sites in Australia.

Each year the Southern Right whales leave their feeding grounds in the sub-Antarctic region and migrate north to give birth in warmer waters.

The HEAD OF BIGHT is one of the most significant places for an unparalleled opportunity to view the large numbers of Southern Right whales to congregate “en masse” and give birth in a semi-protected environment. Whales gradually enter the nursery waters of the Bight in early June. Early October the whales then slowly continue their long journey of migration.
Even outside of the Whale Season you can see from accessible viewing platforms the spectacular backdrop of the Bunda Cliffs and a mini-desert of towering sand dunes meeting a sheer line of 90m limestone cliffs.

Together with Yalata Land Management, the Nullarbor National Park, the Regional Reserve and the Marine Park, Head of Bight is a centre promoting cross-cultural awareness of the land and the sea.

Operator Stated Accessibility

  • Caters for people with sufficient mobility to climb a few steps but who would benefit from fixtures to aid balance. (This includes people using walking frames and mobility aids)
  • Caters for people who use a wheelchair.
  • Caters for people who are deaf or have hearing loss.


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Contact Details

Eyre Highway
South Australia 5690
T: 08 8625 6201
E: whalewatching@headofbight.com.au
W: Operator’s Website

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