It’s a pretty exciting time here at The Good Scout.. the website VERSION 2.0 is up and running, we have built a solid foundation!

To bring you up to speed, we recently imported 8,000 Australian tourism experiences, accommodation venues and related services into our online platform (wowsers!). The really exciting thing is that all of these operators identify themselves as “Actively welcomes people with access needs”. Now we know that one of the big issues can be a businesses understanding what it actually means to cater for people with access needs. And, because most of us have had #notsogood experiences in the past, it makes us reluctant to just trust that statement alone, or even the wheelchair symbol for that matter.. am I right!

That is the EXACT problem The Good Scout solves.

So here we are, with an enormous amount of businesses claiming to provide facilities for travellers with access needs, this is ground zero! The challenge now is to verify each and every one to The Good Scout Accessible Standard. And we will, one by one… even the pyramids were built brick by brick!

Verified listings are clearly marked on the site with a tick (for now.. there is a fancy new ‘badge’ in the making!). Listings that don’t display a tick are yet to be verified, and if a listing doesn’t appear on the site at all, either we don’t know about them or it doesn’t quite make the cut…we’ll give feedback to those on how to become more accessible! And please, if you know of something awesome that should be listed, let us know!

We ask each operator a whole bunch of questions, cover off on key access facilities. We make sure key photos are displayed, and best of all, all the information is then in the one spot for you to browse.

Now we know one size does not fit all, so that tick does not necessarily mean ‘100% of everybody always’, can use that facility or service. But it does indicate that lot’s of work has gone in to providing you with enough information for you to decide for yourself.. WIN! No more trawling through hundreds of sites, making endless enquiries and still not quite knowing what to expect.

We now have booking functionality incorporated into our site (still a few tweaks to be made), but YAY! You no longer need to go elsewhere to book your trip, the platform will allow you to book direct with the operator.

When an operator has been verified, we will be sure to provide you with any necessary booking instructions, like the room number or request the shower chair etc. The verification process will always involve a member of The Good Scout Team or ambassadors talking directly with the tourism operator. This will improve the operators level of understanding of guests with access needs with the aim that eventually, you will no longer need to make those follow up phone calls or emails to make sure they have actually booked you into the room you asked for. Saving you both time and stress!

Plus the verified operators then put themselves in the best position to be seen by you. We will actively share and celebrate the operators doing a good job. And as we continue to build the platform you will also be able to search by verified operators.

Right now we are building up our local destination content and verifying some absolutely key experiences and accommodation venues, so that you can get some serious holiday planning happening.

We have some pretty big plans in the pipeline, but for now, tell us what you are loving or not? At this stage there will be a lot of ‘pounding the pavement’, making new connections and putting all our knowledge and experience, combined with your feedback, into building the best accessible travel platform that exists!

Let’s do this!  #goodaccess #greatadventures

Clair, Linda and Scott