GOOD; having high qualities, of a high standard. OPERATOR; a person or company that runs a business. 


A GOOD OPERATOR is invested in the experience a traveller has.
A GOOD OPERATOR  provides GOOD information so travellers can make decisions for themselves.
A GOOD OPERATOR is not perfect.
A GOOD OPERATOR may not have high end, accessible facilities and equipment.
A GOOD OPERATOR is willing to look for ways to reduce barriers that may limit participation.

Where you see a business with a ‘GOOD OPERATOR’ badge, you can rest assured that the business really does care.

Every business awarded with the badge has completed our online ‘GOOD OPERATOR ACCESS TOOLBOX‘, which is an educational resource designed to help operators understand more about how access and the right level of detail, creates a better opportunity for you to participate.  

We want you to get excited about embarking on your next adventure.
We know GOOD information is the key to freedom and choice!  

You will notice there are two types of listings. Some businesses are here because they have indicated they provide some accessible facilities but we don’t have many details at this stage (Basic Listing). And, some businesses are here because they have completed the online Good Operator Access Toolbox (Feature Listing).

At The Good Scout, it’s not just about check boxes and tape measures … our GOOD OPERATORS have invested in educating themselves in order to provide a really great experience for you.

As part of completing the Access Toolbox, a GOOD OPERATOR acknowledges and accepts our GOOD OPERATOR OATH… check out what makes these operators stand out from the rest!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

You can help too! Whether you are exploring interstate or discovering new experiences in your home area, share your reviews, images and videos of accessible attractions and accommodation venues, including key facilities, activities, and surrounding landscape, so that more people can enjoy them. You can help make a difference

If you require further information that we haven’t covered within a listing, please let us know… we’ll follow up for you so we can build on each listing over time with the aim of catering for a wide range of access needs.

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