Crowley family

Dear Tourism Professional

My family and I absolutely love travelling… We’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of the world, and now with two kids on board we can’t get enough of exploring Australia. However, one of the challenges we face is tracking down accessible accommodation and experiences.

You see my husband uses a wheelchair which means there is a lot of planning that goes into our getaways!

Recent research shows the number one thing stopping people with access needs just like us, from travelling, is the lack of information available on mainstream websites.

Planning a holiday if you’re unsure about whether you can access the bathroom or if you can join in on the holiday activities, can be super stressful, not to mention extremely time consuming.

Something you should consider is that accessibility means different things to different people. 1 in 5 people in Australia live with a disability and no two people experience their disability in the same way. And people don’t generally travel alone.

It is crucial that information provided by you, as a tourism operator, is clear enough for people to make their own informed decisions, based on their own needs.

That is why we want to make it easier for you to demonstrate how your business could be suitable for a variety of individual needs. By considering a number of things including the information & marketing material you provide, the customer service you deliver and your physical environment we can help you set realistic expectations, boost confidence in your customers, speed up booking decisions and ensure that expectations are actually met by reality.

Providing good information has the ability to dramatically improve the whole travel experience for the accessible tourism community. Creating confidence in your customers even before they arrive.

We don’t need to convince you about why we want to participate in your awesome experiences, but we do need your help to make sure no one is missing out.

Kindest Regards
Clair Crowley

Co Founder, The Good Scout Travel Co.