Let’s make sure everyone is having a GOOD experience!

Information is the most important factor limiting the accessible travel community, together we can change that!

According to Australian travel research firm My Travel Research, “Australia’s accessible tourism sector is worth about $10 billion. This is on par with the value of the inbound Chinese tourism market. And around 25% of people with a disability say they would go on holiday even more, if they were aware of travel products that met their needs.”

Here’s a few ways you can start to welcome more people through your doors:

1. Participate in the Operator Access Toolbox

 The OPERATOR ACCESS TOOLBOX is a 4 week digital course, stepping you through the key principles of accessible tourism.

Through curated content (accessed via a member login), we help you to:

  • Gain a better understanding of accessibility and how to cater to this market
  • Take a look at your business from a different perspective
  • Improve your communication around what your business offers
  • Access our direct marketing channel to the accessible community
  • Welcome more people through your doors

Stand out from the crowd with a Feature Listing, included in the cost of the Toolbox.

Join our closed Good Industry Operator facebook group to stay in the know.

2. Use GOOD visuals and GOOD technology

Visual content is one of the best ways for people to get an understanding of your environment and decide if it’s for them. These days its easy and affordable to produce great photos, videos and even 3D walkthroughs. We have partnered with PHORIAa national immersive technology company to make this easier for you. Check out this great example at Jacob’s Creek in the Barossa.

If you’ve already put together a virtual tour or an album of awesome photos. Share them here.

3. Update YOUR website, ATDW online and list here on The Good Scout

Detailed information is the heart of The Good Scout, that is why we work with you to ensure you are providing the right information, so that you can be confident with what you have to offer and visitors can make informed decisions. Find out more about a Feature Listing.

4. Provide GOOD customer service

Our community know that the physical environment is not always perfect, but they do expect a warm welcome and a good experience. Get started with some online disability awareness training, contact us to find out more.

5. Engage us

We provide a range of consulting services, including delivering workshops, onsite reviews, development of Visitor Access Guides, project work, and problem solving to help you maximise access to your business. Contact us to ask for a tailor made solution.

6. Think big

We dream BIG, and are keen to chat with any business that wants to make a BIG difference. Whether you’re looking to implement some adaptive equipment, setting up a new experience, renovating your facilities or perhaps you’d love to collaborate with some other businesses within your region, talk to us and we’ll help make the process that much simpler!

7. Advertise to our community

Make Good Things Happen.Together.

We want members of our community to have access to all the very best products and services that assist them to not only travel, but make a difference in their every day lives. So if your business shares our values, then our community need you!

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