To drive change and awareness around accessible tourism, we are building a team of ambassadors across Australia to be part of a network of passionate and likeminded travellers!


What’s Involved?

As a CHIEF SCOUT, your involvement will be as individual as you!  Your primary focus will be on scouting out the best accessible facilities and services in your local area and on your travels, reporting back to the The Good Scout tribe to share your stories.  You will promote the The Good Scout’s values and vision to people along the way which may involve chatting face to face to tourism industry, sharing branded content on social media and encouraging those in your network to become official members of our tribe.

Above all, the role of a CHIEF SCOUT will see you being a positive voice and advocate of accessible tourism.

Pick me! Pick me!

Busting to share your travel tales with us, or have some hot travel tips for others? Sounds like we need to connect. Immediately!

Becoming a CHIEF SCOUT is simple, however you must:

  • Be active in sharing your travel stories with us.  This would involve:
  • Identifying accessible tourism operations, whether you are exploring interstate or discovering new experiences in your home area
  • Sharing your unique stories with the world: write blog posts, review visits, tell the stories of your accessible travel adventures
  • Capturing images and videos of accessible attractions and accommodation venues, including key facilities, activities, and surrounding landscape
  • Be active on at least one social media platform, preferably Facebook and/or Instagram
  • Wholeheartedly believe in the values and message of what the Good Scout Travel Co. stands for and strives to promote

Whilst anyone can apply to become a CHIEF SCOUT, entry is not automatic and is at the discretion of the Good Scout Travel Co.

What’s in it for me?

As if being part of a network of likeminded travellers, all working to have a positive impact on accessible tourism in Australia, isn’t enough.. being an ambassador you will:

Receive a ‘Good Scout’ hat & t-shirt

Have a platform to share your travel stories and reccomendations

Not just inspire, but show others they too can get out and explore

Be part of something bigger, do some Good!

Register your interest to become an ambassador, we can’t wait to meet you!