Who is behind Gecko Traxx?
There are two of us behind Gecko Traxx. Myself, Ryan Tilley and my co-founder Huy Nguyen.

I am a design engineer. Huy is a social entrepreneur and also a wheelchair user.

Tell us a little bit about how you came to create Gecko Traxx?
Gecko Traxx was created out of necessity.

However, to tell the full back story we need to go back to 2016. Huy and I met during a university study program which he was facilitating. The program he was running was helping people like myself – who doesn’t identify as having a disability – to understand some of the challenges that people with disability face, and really see it from that perspective. As part of this program I spent 3 days in a wheelchair to really understand some of the challenges that wheelchair users faced. While Singapore is actually quite an accessible city, I quickly realised how hard it was to access the outdoor, natural terrain in a wheelchair, just like I am blessed to be able to. So we have set about creating an outdoor brand that focuses on getting people with physical disability outdoors and to have fun!

Gecko Traxx is just the first product of our range. Huy lives near the beach in Melbourne, and so it was created out of a need to access the beach in portable and an affordable way.

The tyre was actually inspired by the spreading out of a Gecko’s foot, hence the name ‘Gecko Traxx’!

Where is the most interesting place you have used the tyres so far?
Hmm, as we are still quite young, we haven’t had a chance to take them to some amazing places – yet! But we can’t wait to see where all our customers take them!

However, probably the coolest place Huy has taken a set would be on the artificial beach in Sentosa, Singapore. The southernmost point of continental Asia.

Have you been on a great Australian adventure? Where did you go and what made it a great getaway?
Yes! I love the Aussie landscape – we have some of the most beautiful country in the world!
For me, my favourite spot so far would have to be the Kimberly region in northern WA. The landscape up there is absolutely spectacular.

However, the Victorian High Country is amazing country too and I try to spend as much time up there as possible, camping and mountain biking – I love mountain biking!

What do you love most about travelling?
For me travailing is the excitement of the unknown. Discovering new places, new experiences and new memories. Travel provides a freedom that I think is an essential part of life.

Where is you favourite place to take visit in your home town?
My home town is actually Mildura! However, I am currently living in Melbourne.
My favourite place to visit in Mildura is the Murray River in summertime! Wakeboarding and water skiing are all super fun activities to do on a hot day.

Where to next? What’s on your Australian Bucket List?
I haven’t yet been to see the Great Barrier Reef. So that is definitely next on my Australian bucket list. I would love to go scuba diving and see it up close.

If you were down to your last $50 what would you spend it on?
I’d spend it on food to hopefully keep me going to me next $50 – if there is one! So I’d buy $50 of watermelon…its got food and water all in one right?! 🙂

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