Emily Tapp grew up on a rural cattle station in the Northern Territory (she even had a pet donkey named Noddy) and spent most of her time on top of a horse. In 2011 she had a horse riding accident whilst competing in an Australian sport called Campdrafting leaving her as a paraplegic. Since then she has relocated to Canberra where she trains at the Australian Institute of Sport as an elite paratriathlete.

Tell us about one of your great Australian adventures!

Unfortunately due to training commitments I haven’t done too much domestic travel of late. Although, at the top of my list is the Great Barrier Reef and Broome/ Lake Argyle.

What do you love most about travelling?

I love travelling, it’s so calming (besides guessing if my bag is under the luggage weight at the airport) because it allows me to explore new and exciting places. Helping me to grow and challenge myself especially when I am overseas with language differences.

What do you find challenging, travelling as a wheelchair user?

Getting on and off an airplane and the added delay.

How do you plan your travel?

If I am travelling away for an extended period I will research online and call ahead to the hotel to ensure I am staying at the most accessible hotel in an ideal location for shops and other attractions.

What would be your top-travel-tips for other wheelchair users?

The best investment I made was a gel travel cushion for long trips such as airplane seats on international flights. The extra cushion elevated back pain and reduces risk of pressure sores.

Where is your favourite place to take visitors in Canberra?

Maple and Clove cafe in Barton, it has a fully wheelchair accessible bathroom and even has the game Connect Four to play over brunch.

Emily Tapp

What’s the next big race on your paratriathlon calendar?

I will be travelling to Canada at the start of July for two races, Magog World Cup and Edmonton World Paratriathlon Series.

What’s on your bucket list?

I am most looking forward to racing our World Championships 2019 as it will be held in Lausanne  the “Olympic Capital”. I then hope to have a break to travel and explore Europe.