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If you have accessible experiences or accommodation, we want to hear from you.

1. Tell us…or even better show us!

Visual content is one of the best ways for people to get an understanding of your environment and decide if its for them. We have partnered with Phoria, a national immersive technology company to make this easier for you. Check out this great example at the QT Melbourne. And check out this great offer if you want to create a tour for GOOD.

If you already have a virtual tour or awesome photos, we would also love to share them. Let us know.

2. Update your  website and ATDW listing.

Accurate information is the heart of The Good Scout, that is why we work with you to ensure you are providing the right information, so that you can be confident with what you have on offer and visitors can make informed decisions.

For some useful tips, check out Understanding Accessibility and your ATDW Listing

3. Provide great customer service.

Our community know that the physical environment is not perfect, but they do expect a warm welcome and good experience.

Use our Good Access Top Tips to give you a head start.

4. Thinking bigger.

We are always thinking ahead, and are keen to chat with any corporate that wants to make a BIG difference.

Let’s get started.


Frequently asked questions.

Why am I listed on your site?


Two reasons, firstly because we already know you are accessible and awesome or secondly because you have been identified through your online ATDW listing.

Most of the introduction content on our website is supplied by Australian Tourism Data Warehouse, Australia’s government recognised central source of Australian tourism data. We are authorized distributors of ATDW.

If you want to add to your listing or update something, just get in touch!

For some useful tips, check out our guide to Understanding Accessibility and your ATDW Listing or our Top Tips to creating a more accessible experience.

Got something GOOD to offer but not listed on the site?

We are on the hunt for leaders in providing accessible accommodation, tourism experiences and related travel services to share with our growing community.

What makes a good accessible tourism experience? An experience that invites participation by people of all abilitiesGood Access is at what we want, so if a wheelchair user can get in and take part in the experience, we want to hear from you!

Here’s why you should list with us.

  • We make it easy for travellers to find you and even easier for them to book
  • We are your direct link to the lucrative accessible tourism market
  • We promote your business directly and help fill your accessible accommodation and experiences
  • We help you understand accessibility so you can gain confidence
  • We provide a platform for you to shine like the Good accessible provider you are!   

Why are we different?

Our platform brings together expertly sourced Australian travel related information curated for our accessible travel community who require specific information to gain confidence to explore our awesome country.

We give back! We are so passionate about making sure everyone can enjoy an Australian holiday that we have developed The Good Travel Program. A percentage of profits from The Good Scout goes into further reducing the barriers to travel, it is part of our purpose.

How does it work?

We are a trusted resource for the accessible travel community, we are the first place people think of when they start the search for their next trip. We want to have enough information on our site so that people don’t need to go elsewhere and YES we are in the process of building in booking, location and other attributes to make our site as user friendly as possible.

We have adopted the ATDW booking options that operators choose when listing a business, this means travellers still book direct with you. As an operator, if you don’t have any booking details against your listing on our site, please provide a unique URL as soon as possible or go in and update your booking options in ATDW.

Just get in touch so we can gain a better understanding of the facilities and services. Our specialist service means we can accurately detail your business making it easier for everyone to find you and choose the right experience.

Once we’ve determined suitability, you will need to provide relevant photographs and floor plans to add more detail to your listing. The more detail the better and photos are essential!

Let’s get started – it’s easy to be listed!

Fill in the contact form and include Register a Business in the comment box and we will give you a call back to discuss your service and facilities.

Terms and conditions apply.

To be eligible, the business has to be an accessible accommodation venue, tourism attraction or travel related service based in Australia.

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