Five years ago, Cody, a year 11 student with an impressive, national touch football career underway, had no idea her life could change so quickly. On an annual family ski trip to Falls Creek, Cody, an experienced skier, landed badly on her neck over a jump. The impact shattered her C5 and C6 joints in her spine leaving her a quadriplegic. After a number of complex operations and a long rehabilitation process, she was quick and eager to get on with her new life. Now 21, she’s studying a combined bachelors degree in Business Marketing and Tourism and Event Management. She uses a power wheelchair and is keen to explore more of her own backyard in South Australia!

Cody at a touch football tournament in Coffs Harbour

Have you been on a great Australian adventure?

I wouldn’t call it a “great Australian adventure” as such, but my favourite place to travel to is Coffs Harbour, NSW during the National Touch League competition. Coffs Harbour is such a gorgeous place, surrounded by coast and so much greenery, as well as the fact that the weather is always beautiful!

What do you love most about travelling?

The distance between myself and home life which enables greater relaxation. I love just being able to get away for a while. I also think the people you’re travelling with make a huge impact on the experience you have, so I love being able to go away with family/close friends.

Do you have any tips for other wheelchair travellers?

Always plan ahead and make sure where you’re going and staying has everything you need, and don’t forget to pack your wheelchair charger!!!

Where is your favourite place to take visitors in your home town?

Commissary in Rose Park, Adelaide… they have the best brunch food!

Cody on holiday with her parter in Darwin

What’s on your bucket list?

I would like to go to Perth and other parts of Western Australia, as well as Tasmania because I haven’t been to those two states before. I would also absolutely love to travel more of South Australia because I feel like we have so many beautiful places here to experience and that they’re really underrated.

What would you spend your last $50 on?

I probably wouldn’t want to spend it, I’d want to invest it or try and earn some interest – but if I had to, I’d probably spend it on some really good food!

You can ready more and stay up to date with Cody’s journey over at Courage for Cody.