Chris is newly semi-retired after being a Tourism Lecturer at Flinders University for 19 years. Prior to that she was a bank manager with Westpac. In her late teens she had a car accident that caused a hair line fracture of her spine, which has now degenerated to the point that she needs a walking stick constantly.

Chris is married to Graeme (who runs Down to Earth Walking Tours of the city) and they have two adult children, both who live in Melbourne. Travel has underpinned their whole family life and they have been lucky as individuals and a family to have travelled around Australia and the world. Travelling regularly to Melbourne now takes most of their time, but to keep things interesting they just try and find as many different routes between the two cities.


You’ve recently started your own tourism consultancy, any interesting projects you’d like to share with our community?

I started Back to Basics Consulting to allow me to continue to train the tourism industry on things such as accessible tourism, customer service, tour guiding, interpretation etc. I want to work with operators (and their staff), so they are more aware and understand all of those issues. Awareness is a huge step for many of them.

Have you been on a great Australian adventure?

We have had many great Australian Adventures. From a Contiki tour from Cairns to Sydney; rail trip from Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and back; many family driving trips around South Australia and across to Canberra or up to Queensland or through Tasmania. Road trips have always been a passion for us, allowing us to see regional Australia. As a great family getaway though we have always spent a week at either Aldinga, Middleton, Wallaroo in a week leading up to Christmas, getting away from the Christmas rush. One of the best locations for this was an apartment in Kingston Park, you felt like you were in a completely different place and yet we hadn’t left Adelaide – just a gorgeous view of the beach and coast.

What do you love most about travelling?

Getting away from the routine, change of scenery, trying different things. Just the different pace.

Do you have any tips for other travellers with specific needs?

Check, check and check again. Ensuring accommodation is as it seems eg; walk in shower, no steps etc. Lots of planning to make sure locations cover your needs whether that be accommodation, fuel stops, restaurants etc.

Where is your favourite place to take visitors in your home town?

So many… North Terrace, Hahndorf, dolphin cruise on the Port River etc. Having said that the first two are difficult when walking is an issue.

Where to next.. what’s on your Australian bucket list?

Probably Melbourne or Wallaroo. Love the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, so much heritage tourism, beautiful scenery and quirky places.

If you were down to your last $50, what would you spend it on?

Buying a round of coffee for friends.