Wheelie Campers offers Australia’s first wheelchair accessible camper vans. Vans can be rented with pick up on the Gold Coast or delivered to your door nationwide.  The vehicle accommodates 5 passengers plus a driver and a wheelchair. Each rental is unique in its requirements and use during time of rental.

Knowledgeable consultants are available to help design your perfect camper van excursions or to arrange that all important visit to relatives. They can drive you to your relatives location and leave you with the vehicle to enjoy with your family or provide a driver for this time. As with the vehicles all drivers will have been pre-screened including a police check and current Driver Authority. Vehicles are converted with the assistance of the Gold Coast’s leading automotive wheelchair conversion specialists. All vehicles have a range of insurance options and have full road side assistance.


Get the best view there is when travelling the road in a Wheelie Camper, with rear lift access and a rotating passenger seat! When you’re ready to settle down for the night, with just a few easy reconfigurations and the use of the lowering bed system, you’ll be tucked up in no time.


Vans are fitted with an electric lift at the rear, enabling you to get your chair all the way up to transfer into a swivelling passenger seat. Check out the videos for a peek inside!


  • Internal hoist (enter vehicle in motorised or manual wheelchair via rear lift)
  • Hoist max weight 300kg
  • Everything internal is movable and retractable
  • Current release vans are not fitted with hand controls (coming March 2019)
  • Each vehicle is converted with 240v and has options to charge the system via the engine, external power source and mains inlet
  • Each vehicle has a sink, toilet (chemical), hotplate, fridge/freezer, microwave, toaster, kettle and air conditioning
  • There is a TV onboard which easily connects to most mobile phones, playstations and X-boxes
  • A front/rear dash cam and GPS is installed for safety and ease of maneuverability



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