Tantanoola Caves


Tantanoola Caves boast an extraordinary display of cave decorations and are wheelchair accessible. The park also provides excellent opportunities for enjoying a picnic and bushwalking, so allow plenty of time for your visit!

Come and discover one of South Australia’s most impressive caves at the Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park.

This spectacular cave, set into a cliff face, is believed to have been exposed by the constant pounding of the ocean. Over time the sea has retreated leaving behind a cavern of interesting shells, pebbles and seal bones.

Today, Tantanoola Caves comprises an extraordinary display of cave decorations (speleothems) in beautiful shades of pink and brown, coloured by its dolomite base rock. The ‘Up and Down Rocks’ is a special highlight.

Tantanoola is one of Australia’s few wheelchair accessible caves. Upon arrival, enjoy a special hosted experience as a knowledgeable guide introduces you to the history and geology of the caves and explains how its spectacular array of formations has developed over thousands of years. You are then free to stroll through the large cavern at your leisure and take photographs.

Above ground, take advantage of the picturesque picnic grounds and the cliff top walking trail which offers panoramic views of the surrounding district.


Tantanoola Caves is one of Australia’s few wheelchair accessible caves!


All visitors are taken through the cave entrance on a hosted experience, where a guide introduces you to the history and geology of the caves. Inside the cave, majority of the paths are wheelchair accessible, with some platforms accessed via stairs.


The ramp to the Information Centre may present a challenge, consider utilising the drop off point near the centre’s main door.

Accessible bathrooms and carpark are available onsite.

Picnic areas and walking trains are not accessible.

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