Seacliff Beach


The Seacliff coastline has numerous user-friendly foreshore parks and reserves.  Most have large, grassed areas that are great for picnics and are equipped with BBQ facilities, playgrounds and public toilets.

Seacliff Beach was the first in SA to roll out a beach mat and is operated by the Seacliff SLSC.

The mat is rolled out every weekend during patrols and public holidays from 1pm to 5pm.  It is rolled out on Seacliff Beach in front of the Seacliff Hotel where there is a wheelchair ramp leading down to the beach and then the beach mat sits at the base of this ramp allowing access from the ramp to the water edge.

The Seacliff SLSC has a floating beach wheelchair, available during patrol times.

There is an accessible bathroom in the Surf Club rooms, approx a 500m walk from the patrol tower.

There are accessible carparks in front of the Seacliff Beach Hotel and behind the Seacliff SLSC.

Directions to Seacliff Beach


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