MONA – Museum of New and Old Art


Looking at the art used to be boring. It still is, maybe, but at least here at Mona, the Museum of Old and New Art, you can get drunk and/or rage against the machine. Located just up the river from Hobart (Tasmania’s southern capital), Mona’s subterranean architecture showcases the highlights (and lowlights) of David Walsh’s $110m private collection of art and antiquities, as well as hosting a busy exhibitions program.

Mona is also home to the Moorilla winery, Source Restaurant, bars, cafe, accommodation pavilions and more (plus Moo Brew, an off site brewery). MONA also hosts two festivals. Each January, our summer festival, Mofo, which unleashes an eclectic mix of music and art. Come June, Dark Mofo winter festival delves into centuries-old winter solstice rituals and celebrates the dark through art, music, food, film, light and noise.


Mona is located just a 15-minute drive from Hobart’s centre.


Most areas of Mona are accessible, with the exception of Unseen Seen, Weight of Darkness, the Pausiris gallery, and the Round House


  • Motorised wheelchairs are permitted
  • Accessible parking; look for the sign on the right-hand-side of the driveway
  • If arriving via ferry, please phone Ticket Support to discuss your requirements
  • A wheelchair is available for laon, see staff at the visitor information desk. Please note that wheelchairs are limited, and cannot be reserved.
  • For specific requirements, please phone Ticket Support in advance +61 (3) 6277 9978

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