Meredith Music Festival


Meredith started as an end-of-year party in 1991 for about two-hundred people on the Nolan farm near Meredith, Victoria. It was only cheekily called the ‘Meredith Music Festival’ because there were some bands playing on the back of a truck. It was BYO and everyone stayed the night in tents, in cars, or sleeping outside. It was open to all-comers (and still is). A few locals cooked a BBQ, which tripled as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everyone had a blast, so it was held again the next year and 500 people turned up. Four years later it was 5000.

The Nolan farm was ‘open door’ and ‘welcome stranger’ for generations before the Meredith Music Festival came into being. Swaggies, wayward youths, troubled souls, friends, family; whoever came and stayed and worked and played and lost themselves and found themselves. Awfully hospitable folk, the Nolans. Cheers to them – and our neighbours, and the wider district – for hosting us all so wonderfully.

Meredith is still BYO, is still held on the Nolan farm, the original organisers are still involved (though one now just comes for fun) and it is still a celebration of music, nature and humans having a wild time with each other and their environment. And the locals still do the BBQ.


Held annually around December 7, 8 & 9 in the Supernatural Amphitheatre.

Music, nature, nonsense, humanity at its most wonderful, wild times, excursions, incursions, retrospections, a retreat, a Rare Treat, a rare feat, a rare bird, Things Rarely Heard, music, nature, nonsense, wild times, etc, etc, all staged in a purpose built Underground Wonderland specifically designed for housing The Very Best of Times on an annual end-of-year basis, all run smoothly with pride and affection.


Come prepared to get dirty, bring all terrain/off road tyres or a freewheel or smart drive to help get around.

Self drive might be the best option, although the festival is serviced by public transport, the shuttle buses from town are not accessible.


Acceptance of the companion card
Kids under 12 free, however this event is designed for over 18’s, ID wristband provided on entry
Bush camping on a large property in Victorian weather
Accessible bathrooms.



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