The Cockle Train travels along the oldest steel railed railway in Australia dating back to 1887 when it was constructed to provide a link between the River Murray and the ocean wharfs at Pt Elliot and later at Victor Harbor.

Why is this icon journey called the “Cockle Train”? In early days of settlement the local residents would take a horse drawn train to Goolwa to collect Cockles from the sandy beaches near the Murray mouth. It was a great day’s outing and thus gained its name.



Accessible with assistance, the ramp to board is not level with the platform.

There is not allocated spaces for wheelchairs, however boarding is into an open carriage, consider using the brakes on your chair to prevent moving about the cabin.

If you plan to disembark at Goolwa to enjoy the open air markets or head up to the main street, be aware that the accessible route is via the road, the footpath is not sealed.


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