If you’ve been following along with us for a while now, or even if you’re new here, you should know that we (Scott, Clair and Linda) have one mission.. and that is to make it easier for people of all abilities to travel here in Australia!

You would probably also be aware that we have been running two separate brands for a while.  You’ll notice we share content on our socials under the ‘Push Adventures’ brand.. that’s where it all started (our original consulting brand we’ve been working with for a few years now, focussed heavily on building awareness within the tourism industry). But, you’re receiving this newsletter for example, from The Good Scout, which is the product we have been putting all our energy into over the last 6 months… a travel planning platform for people with access needs!

We actually wrote a blog about the two brands a little while back (in case you’re interested?)!

But, here’s where it’s at!

Moving forward we’ll be working under the one and only…

The Good Scout Travel Co.

It’s that simple. One mission. One brand!

GOOD (adjective); of a high standard. SCOUT (verb) explore a place or area to gather information.

TGS (The Good Scout) really is at the heart of everything we do.  Whether we consult to the industry, run workshops and educate businesses, talk to government organisations, build awareness around accessible tourism through speaking opportunities or supporting charities in our space.. it’s all towards the one goal of making travelling better here in Australia for people like us, who benefit from, an accessible environment, plus detailed facilities and destination information.

The Good Scout train is well and truly rolling!  The travel planning platform itself is undergoing a huge refresh as we speak and is soon to be released bigger, and better than before, including a huge amount of accessible listings!

Our vision is to provide a wealth of detailed access information, guidance, inspiration and opportunity for people who love to get out and explore. Our social and online presence is now aligned under the TGS brand and we move forward with a crystal clear vision!

So jump on board Scouts, the future is exciting.. this is one ride you won’t want to miss!

Oh and if you’re keen on any TGS merchandise, shop it here!

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