Most people only dream of taking a good chunk of time to explore the world.. But for Ben, that dream is becoming a reality!

Meet Ben, 23… a lover of life, food, wine, culture, the water and of course travel! In 2013 while holidaying with friends on the Murray River, South Australia, a water accident left him a C5 tetraplegic. His thirst for adventure is well and truly alive, Ben is a free spirit and is always up for a good time in the sunshine!

Travelling is something he’s always wanted to do and next year he plans to spend six months on the trip of a lifetime! He needs support workers to join him on the trip.. you could get paid to travel too! Keen to learn more?

With a to do list that is long and involves more than 10 countries, homestays, Michelin Star restaurants, beach parties and as many immersive experiences as possible, this trip is going to be incredible! Rome, Venice, Florence, France, Bordeaux, England, Scotland, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Ibiza, Morocco.. Just to name a few stops!

So, as you can imagine, there is an enormous amount of planning to do! The logistics of travelling from country to country as a wheelchair user can be tricky, and we know from experience there will be ups and downs .. But we are pumped to help Ben reduce some of these issues, and follow along with his adventure, as he travels the world!