Start dreaming big! There is some seriously good stuff happening in accessible tourism around the world. Here are few reasons why you should be planning your next adventure;

Think white water rafting and underground glow worm caves in New Zealand…

PHOTO CREDIT: Making Trax, New Zealand

Dolphin watching and boom netting in Jervis Bay, New South Wales…

PHOTO CREDIT: Jervis Bay Wild, Huskisson NSW

Tours through Eifel National Park, Germany on motorised wheelchairs…

PHOTO CREDIT: Eifel National Park, Germany

Relax and be pampered at SenSpa, wellness spas scattered across England…

PHOTO CREDIT: SenSpa, United Kingdom

Enjoy the great outdoors with accessible camping in Quebec…

PHOTO CREDIT: Sépaq, Québec

Camel riding in Eygpt… not entirely accessible but possible!

PHOTO CREDIT: Wheelchair Travel, Egypt

Plus every sport you can imagine in Mallorca. They are currently holding the World Adaptive Golf Tournament with 40 competitors in this years comp, and a waiting list for the next one.

The 2nd Destinations for All Summit has opened our eyes to some amazing opportunities around the world. There is something for absolutely every-body.

It keeps going; trekking in Nepal, new editions in the pipeline of the Lonely Planet Accessible Guide Books, tourism operators employing people with disabilities, huge investments from government bodies, international certification systems, sensory gardens… much good stuff!

We heard great stories from around the world.. the most accessible destinations include Stockholm, Barcelona, Berlin, Singapore, Tokyo and New Zealand according to the most influential accessible travel bloggers.

There is a lot of good happening and we were thrilled to be a part of it. I am happy to report back that the tourism industry is changing for the better.

Start planning your next great adventure!



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