The Sheeps Back Museum

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The old stone building houses galleries telling the story of the Australian wool industry in the ‘inside country’. The focus is on the woolshed and the skills and trades of the workers in the industry, moving to the lifestyle of the woolgrowers over time, and  on the impact the industry has had on the environment. The wool industry focus continues into the Big Shed, where the unique ‘Robotic Shearer’, is housed. This piece of quite unique technology, developed in South Australia, is displayed as the climax of the slowly evolving technology of hand pieces, presses and so on that have served the industry for 200 years. A quaint old slab construction woolshed that began life as a settler’s home is a museum piece in its own right.


Most of the site is accessible. The second floor does not have lift access, however the contents of the upstairs exhibit can be viewed on a television screen on the ground floor. Not all paths outside are sealed and may require some assistance to navigate.


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