National Wine Centre

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The National Wine Centre of Australia (commonly the “Wine Centre”) is a public exhibition building about winemaking and its industry in South Australia, opened in 2001. It contains an interactive permanent exhibition of winemaking, introducing visitors to the technology, varieties and styles of wine. It also has a wine tasting room.

The Wine Centre is a great place to host events, enjoy wine and catch up with friends.


Two accessible car parks are located at the west end of the venue.

Access is via the driveway on Botanic Road after Bus Stop 1 and entry into the venue is via the Cellar Door courtyard.

The most accessible entrance to the Wine Centre is from the Botanical Gardens end, the main entrance is via a long ramp.

Accessible bathrooms available throughout the centre.

Lift access to all levels.

O-Bahn extension

Please note that at this time, Adelaide’s O-Bahn transport infrastructure is being extended into the city from the north east of the centre. This may affect transport in and around North Terrace, Botanic Road and Hackney Road while construction continues.

Pedestrian access crossing Hackney Road, Botanic Road and North Terrace to the National Wine Centre is being maintained during construction.

Please see the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s O-Bahn City Access Project Brochure for full details or call their 24/7 Project Information Line on 1300 443 198 if you would like more information.


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