The Naracoorte Visitor and Fossil Centre form part of the Naracoorte Cave site.

Opened in 2017 was the Rooftop Loop Walk. Incorporating an interpretive walk above the cave system, with glimpses into the underground.

The Naracoorte Caves are part of the 800,000 year old Naracoorte East Range. They are World Heritage listed, and one of the world’s most important fossil sites.

For half a million years the caves acted as pitfall traps and predator dens. Animals would fall in through a hole in the ground and not be able to escape. Bones collected – layer upon layer, year after year – creating a rich fossil record of the ancient animals that roamed the area. The fossil record covers several ice ages and the arrival of humans in the area.

Palaeontologists have excavated and dated many of the fossils in Naracoorte Caves. They have reconstructed the skeletons of many of the megafauna that lived so many years ago. Some of which can be viewed in the Fossil Centre.

Of the 28 known caves in the park, four are open to the public. Other caves are set aside for scientific research or to protect the caves and their contents. Many of the caves contain spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.


Pack a picnic or BBQ and stay around to enjoy the tranquil setting of the cave site.

There is also a campground with dormitory style accommodation and accessible bathroom amenities available for bookings approx 50om from the Visitor Centre.

Coming late 2018 is a Nature Style Playground.


Going underground is not accessible. Check out Tantanoola Caves for an accessible underground experience.


Bookings are not required for visitors not accessing the underground caves. All other bookings can be made online or at the Visitor Centre.

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