Medical Travel Companion

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Medical Travel Companions offers transportation and concierge services which creates independence for customers who love to travel but require assistance or reassurance. This could be a simple trip to the airport, hospital, shops or a complex three-week international holiday. All companions are qualified Carers, Nurses or Paramedics.


Five levels of services are now available tailored to individual customer requirements and needs.

Medical Travel Companions (MTC) is a unique service that assists people with their travel needs from a local domestic or complex international journey. We recognise that there are a large number of people or families who choose not to travel due to a variety of reasons. MTC can remove this barrier and allow such families, individual and groups to realise their independence and travel dreams. Our companions are experienced Nannies, Nurses or Paramedics and have undertaken a rigorous selection and credentialing process. They have a range of knowledge and experience including: Families with young children, Families with elderly parents, People with a disability or Mental health issue or simply people who just need assistance and reassurance on a holiday or in transit.

Companions are available on a global basis.


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