Mining and the history and development of South Australia are closely connected; this is more so the case in relation to the development of townships in the Flinders Ranges; Blinman being one of these towns. In 2012 we celebrated 150 years of the mine and of Blinman itself. History, heritage, culture and values are inextricably linked. Without the working mines of the past and the desires of those people in the 19th century who struggled to make a living through minerals in our region, our heritage, culture, values and our lives would be different.

Blinman Mine or Wheal Blinman as it was called in 1862 was a working copper mine between the years of 1862 and 1907. At the peak of its operation Blinman township had a population of approximately 1500. Today Blinman has a permanent population of just 18, plus the residents of the surrounding pastoral properties.


The mine is best enjoyed with adaptive mobility equipment, for example with a freewheel attached to your footplate as the mine ground can be undulating. The mine narrows near the end.


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