Adelaide Metro

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Adelaide Metro is Adelaide’s public transport system.



The tram is FREE between the South Terrace tram stop and the Entertainment Centre in the city, and between the Brighton Road tram stop and Moseley Square at Glenelg.

The trams are all accessible, wait on the universal wheelchair symbol painted on most platforms to assist boarding the tram. Trams are used by commuters and can be very busy during peak times.


The free City Connector bus service runs on two loops – an inner city loop and an extended loop around North Adelaide providing a link to popular city attractions and shopping, dining and services destinations.

Route 98A and 98C link the city and North Adelaide every 30 minutes, seven days a week and routes 99A and 99C link the main city destinations every 30 minutes on weekdays. Together routes 98 and 99 provide a coordinated 15-minute frequency on weekdays from North Terrace to Hutt Street, Hurtle Square, Whitmore Square, China Town, Central Market and Victoria Square.

The service runs from early in the morning until 7.15pm daily, with extra services running on Friday until 9.15pm.

The buses are air conditioned and wheelchair and pram friendly.

More information on City free services


Train travel is a great way to get to Adelaide’s suburbs.


Download the MetroMATE app to access real time detailed information for buses, trains and trams.

Not all buses are accessible. MetroMATE does detail accessibility of transport services within the app.

Adelaide Metro Visitor Pass valid for 3 consecutive days of unlimited travel on all buses, trains and trams.

Seniors card holders travel free during set times.


Fact sheets with information to make travelling on public transport easier and more accessible.

Topics of particular interest for people with a disability include:

The Department for Communities and Social Inclusion have produced a series of fact sheets on a range of disability related topics. To view this information visit the website.

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