At The Good Scout, our mission is to hunt and gather the best accessible travel facilities and experiences across Australia! Whether you’re into adventure activities, lazy days on the beach, good food and wine or entertaining the kids, our online platform will allow you to find all the travel information and inspiration you need to feel confident about your next adventure!

We’re revolutionising your accessible travel planning by bringing together the most amazing destinations, accommodation, travel experiences and services out there, all into the one spot. Plan a holiday, door-to-door, without having to trawl hundreds of websites and make endless phone calls to find out if a service is suitable for your needs! At The Good Scout, all the hunting and gathering has been done!

We provide access details around; how to get there; getting around; where to stay; what to do and useful local tips. Planning your next getaway has never been so exciting or so easy!

Here’s how we help:

We provide you more choice with well researched accessible travel options
We offer travel tips and resources to help you get more out of their adventure
We take all of the guesswork, worry and hesitation out of accessible travel planning
We open up a world of possibilities for travellers of all abilities


If something is listed on our site, it means there is a basic level of accessibility. It means that we have gathered as much info as we can through either visiting, having someone we trust scout out a listing or having made direct contact with the business to verify a whole heap of information.

We are very aware that not everybody with access needs benefits from the same facilities, some need more than others and some are able to get by with some basics.. that’s why a basic level of access can be assumed to include:

A venue would have at least one step free entry point
An experience or activity would have at least one option that a wheelchair user can participate in
Accessible parking and bathrooms (of varying standards) would be available onsite

On top of that, we will endeavour to provide enough detailed information so you can choose whether a service or facility suits your individual needs. We’ll include as many appropriate images as we can, floor plans where necessary and tips and other things to consider.

If you require some further information that we haven’t covered, please let us know.. we’ll follow up for you so we can build on each listing over time with the aim of catering for a wide range of access needs.

Similarly, if you’ve been and have some feedback which you think should be included in the listing, let us know.. we need your help to make these listings as detailed as possible to assist people of varying abilities.

Where facilities are in place to cater for higher needs (Australian standard bathrooms, hoists, lifts etc) we’ll be sure to include that too!


Why we exist? To unite a tribe of travellers facing similar access challenges! We do not want to just sit on the sidelines. And as a Good Scout, together we can build the best accessible resource there is, hunting and gathering the best accessible travel facilities and experiences there are, Australia wide.

Often the best tips and tricks are shared through word of mouth, and we want The Good Scout to be a place which has been built by you, the accessible travelling community. We encourage you to tell us about your experiences, highlight places which you think others would love and share those tips which can make a holiday or experience that much more enjoyable.


We are so much more than a travel directory. The Good Scout is a platform for helping you plan your next accessible adventure from start to finish with confidence and ease. We want to provide you with choice and options, we want to share stories from travellers inspiring you to pick a new place to holiday next time or try something you may never thought possible before.

We want you to feel inspired and excited about the options that exist to you, not return to the same places you’ve always gone because its easy, we want you to have the choice and confidence to try something new. And if you’re not much of a traveller, let us as a community, show you, support you and encourage you to plan an adventure, life is for living not just existing!