We started Push Adventures in 2014 to improve the tourism industry to cater for people of all physical abilities. We have been embraced by the industry and been fortunate enough to collaborate with government bodies, councils and regional bodies. During this time we have discovered some really great accessible places on our adventures over the last few years and we wanted to develop a user friendly platform making it easier for you to plan your next trip.

The Good Scout accessible travel planning platform will launch in late January, here’s what you can expect;

A web based accessible travel platform, that unlike existing travel planning sites, offers detailed information on accessible accommodation, experiences and travel content around.  It is an end-to-end Australian journey planner, allowing travellers who use wheelchairs and others with access needs to feel informed, confident and inspired to efficiently plan their next adventure.

We really value your input to grow and guide the platform so that it develops into a valuable platform that encourages you to explore and enjoy more of Australia.

Why did we develop a new brand for this platform? 

The Good Scout is for you, the traveller. We want you to have choice and we want to reduce the normal anxiety that can come with planning an accessible adventure. We want you to enjoy the daydreaming (planning) process just as much as going on the holiday itself. And we want to build something that you have asked for.

Version one will be launched on 25 January 2018 using South Australia as the pilot. We have big dreams for this site, but we can’t do it without you, so drop us a line and tell us what would really improve your travel planning experience or where you are dreaming of going and we’ll do what we can to bring that dream a bit closer to reality.

The Good Scout will ONLY list accessible accommodation and we endeavor to provide enough information about the accommodation and around participating in an experience so you can decide if it’s for you. Just having an accessible bathroom and car park on site does not signify a meaningful activity, they’re important but this doesn’t constitute as an accessible activity!

Will Push Adventures still exist?

Yes! Push Adventures plays an important role and gives a voice from the accessible travel community into the tourism industry. We will continue to run workshops, educate tourism professionals and advocate to create a more inclusive tourism industry.

Let’s make 2018 our biggest year of travelling yet!