Adaptive Mountain Biking


Break the Boundary is central hub for people seeking information about Adaptive Mountain Biking around Australia. Running annual camps, clinics and riding groups and manage guidelines to help give others direction. They have developed a rating system specifically for people who ride Adaptive mountain-bikes. The system is designed to help adaptive riders identify tried-and-tested trails around Australia.

Currently there are classified trails in NSW and Western Australia and are always looking for help to rate more trails.

Break the Boundary was founded in 2012 and is not-for-profit, strictly volunteer based and is not affiliated with any businesses.



Break The Boundary help people with physical disabilities go beyond flat surfaces, get out of their comfort zones, and into off-road areas around Australia which they thought were inaccessible!


Check out Kalamunda in WA, with over 40km of fully signed single-tracks, the Kalamunda Trails area is the most popular MTB destination in the state. It is only a 40 minutes drive from the centre of Perth, and is situated  in both picturesque National Park and State Forest. The Break the Boundary team have audited a number of the trails within the park.


The Break the Boundary team can assist in organising loan equipment to get you out on the trails sooner.

Around Australia, try contacting the local state wheelchair sports associations to see what equipment you might be able to access.