Immersion Therapy


The Immersion Therapy™ service was specially developed to offer freedom of movement within a weightless environment and work within the well-recognised benefits of a Biopsychosocial model. It has demonstrated great results for those who have participated.


Determined2® provides one service called Immersion Therapy™. Immersion Therapy™ is a pool based therapy for people living with a disability or injury that utilises SCUBA equipment. The controlled environment allows complete weightlessness and freedom of movement to stimulate muscle movement against the waters’ resistance. This unique program is becoming recognised for the biopsychosocial benefits that follow. Our staff are dedicated to work with the client through a person-centred approach delivered at the individual’s pace.

Registered NDIS provider.

When and Where do you operate?

Adelaide Aquatic Centre, Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday 10am-3pm

Port Lincoln Leisure Centre, Tuesdays fortnightly 11am-4pm


Via Determined2 website or over the phone.