If you’re looking for accessible travel options to turn your trip into an unforgettable adventure without worrying if you’ll be able to access suitable facilities or waste time researching endlessly, then you’ve come to the right place.

We are so much more than a travel directory. The Good Scout is a platform for helping you plan your next accessible adventure, from start to finish with confidence and ease so you can be sure you’ll get the best options and best experience - no exceptions.


At The Good Scout our mission is to hunt and gather the best accessible travel facilities and experiences across Australia! Whether you’re into adventure activities, lazy days on the beach, good food and wine or entertaining the kids, our platform will allow you to find all the travel information and inspiration you need to feel confident about your next adventure!
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Information is king! For a business to be listed on our site means there is a basic level of accessibility. It means we have verified that the business can offer you an accessible experience of some kind and then it’s over to you to decide if the experience is for you.
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Why we exist? To unite a tribe of travellers facing similar access challenges! We don’t want anyone to sit on the sidelines. As a community of Good Scouts, together we can hunt and gather the best accessible travel facilities and experiences there are, Australia wide.
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We want you to feel inspired and excited about the options that exist to you, not return to the same places because it’s the easiest option. We want you to have the choice and confidence to try something new. Share your travel stories and inspire others to try something new!
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I know, I know…It’s not that much fun hearing about someone else’s trips if you aren’t going too! And it’s a bit of a tease trawling through hundreds of happy snaps after the event, so we’ll try not to bombard…

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Charles grew up in Naracaoorte in the South East of SA. He has a passion for sports such as AFL, cricket and nearly all motorsports. He was brought up around aviation and began his pilots license when he was 15. In…